Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision for Graduate Students and Temporary Licensed Counselors


9Paths offers State Approved Clinical Supervision for Tennessee Licensure students seeking approved hours towards licensure. If you are a counselor working towards your license in the State of Tennessee we provide the approved hours you need to accomplish your goal of licensure.

Professional Counseling License Requirements in Tennessee

"You must work under supervision for at least two years after you complete your master's degree. You will need to work at least 10 hours a week and have at least 50 contact hours of supervision each year. You will have a clinical supervisor who provides guidance and consultation as well as oversight. If you are working toward the lower status, you may be supervised by an LPC, LPC-MHSP, clinical social worker, marriage and family therapist, senior psychological examiner, psychiatrist, or psychologist with mental health service provider status. If you want mental health service provider status, however, you may not be supervised by an LPC who does not have the higher designation.

Additionally, if you are working toward MHSP status, you will need to meet the following requirements: You will need to accrue at least 3,000 hours of clinical work; at least 1,500 must be face-to-face client contact. You may choose to work less than full-time, but you will need to complete your supervised experience within four years.

You must have at least an hour a week of formal, individual contact with your supervisor. You will need to accrue at least 100 individual supervision hours before you can achieve professional licensing. An additional 50 hours of supervision may be either individual or group. 

You will work under a temporary license while meeting requirements for post-master certified practice as an LPC/MHSP."  



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