Recovery from Religious Trauma

Recovery from Religious Trauma


Recovering from Religious Trauma and Spiritual Abuse

For many people, religion, spirituality and faith can be a deep source of strength and comfort. Faith-based communities often provide a very basic human need for connection, belonging and support. Spirituality can be a beautiful way to understand the complexities of oneself and the world.

Sometimes, however, religious beliefs can seem to be used as weapons of power and control. Children raised in these communities are at especially high risk of experiencing the effects of religious trauma, and will often not experience troubling symptoms until later in life, while processing the loss of beliefs. 

Are you struggling with depression and/or anxiety due to spiritual abuse? Are you struggling with a sense of isolation and loneliness from losing your faith community? Do you feel misunderstood and minimized? Are you struggling with pervasive feelings of guilt and shame? Are you having a hard time understanding and reconciling your sexuality with the teachings of a particular religion? Have you experienced relationship fallout due to spiritual abuse and religious disagreement or trauma? Have you been experiencing nightmares or terrifying thoughts due to spiritual abuse?

Are you an adult struggling with the impacts of religious trauma? If so, please know that you are not alone. This group may be for you. This is a closed group limited to 6 members where we will openly discuss and process our relationship to religion and spirituality. We will be working towards building a renewed sense of identity, having a place for honest feedback, and experiencing the shared experiences of people with similar stories. 

Details: beginning in November, this group will meet weekly on Tuesday evening from 6:30 - 8pm, limited to 6 people. Open to men and women. $40 per session. Group will run for a total of 10 weeks.

Here at the Greystone Retreat, we specialize in helping people heal and recover from trauma. Please contact or 615-656-8928 for more information.

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