The 9 Enneagram Style Types

The 9 Enneagram Style Types

The Reformer

Seeker of perfectionism and integrity in all they do.  Ones are detailed, meticulous and driven by their ideals and values.  They have a zest to improve anyone, any situation or anything that is in their environment.  Ones struggle with control and being critical of self and others, often finding themselves impatient.

The Helper

Seeker of relationships and connectedness.  Twos are engaging and have a knack for knowing what others need.  They are demonstrative and sentimental easily sharing their feelings with others.  Twos struggle with being possessive and manipulating people into closeness.

The Achiever

Seeker of admiration, affirmation and value.  Threes are hard workers striving to be the best at whatever they do.  They are competitive typically excelling at what they put their mind too. Threes bring optimistm and energy to those around them.  They can be workaholics and focused too much on impressing others resulting in doing and not being.

The Individualist

Seeker of authenticity and individuality.  Fours are creative, inspiring and emotionally honest.  Fours will take an adverse situation and transform it through their creativity to find meaning.  They experience a wide range of emotions and may get stuck in melancholy and being self-conscious.

The Investigator

Seeker of knowledge and competency.  Fives desire to know and understand.  They are incredible data collectors and innovators using their resources to make this world a better place.  Fives can be very private and live in their own inner world finding escape through their knowledge and keeping them from developing intimacy.

The Loyalist

Seeker of security and safety.  Sixes are problem solvers and solution makers.  They are loyal and devoted to teamwork giving their best to provide stability.  Sixes may get stuck in "paralysis analysis" and stuggle with self-doubt challenging them to see what may be possibile rather than what could go wrong.

The Enthusiast

Seeker of adventure and independence.  Sevens look for adventures or experiences to partake in.  Full of life and possibilities they bring excitement and energy.  Sevens want to avoid pain and missing out on something so in their quest for new experiences they become scattered and distracted not fully utilizing all their strengths.

The Challenger

Seeker of truth and independence.  Eights are powerful energies moving through life with confidence and self-reliance.  They are honest and direct in their opinions.  They can take on challenges and not grow weary.  Often Eights struggle with their temper and use their power to control their enviornment.  

The Peacemaker

Seeker of internal peace and external harmony.  Nines are people mediators and good at it.  They "go with the flow" allowing their optimistic view of life to see the best in others.  They are mediators and creators.  Nines may oversimplify problems or situations insulating them from any potential conflict whether it is internal or interpersonal.

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