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Sharon exemplifies integrity and unrelenting passion for supervising, mentoring and writing training curriculums/modules. She exhibits outstanding therapy, business management and leadership skills. She works harmoniously with others and is a delight to work with. Sharon instructed and trained four graduate students in the areas of trauma, health nutrition, and grief during their internship of mentoring 20 homeless residents. She uses various teaching methods and the holistic approach to convey information to her students and clients to better serve them. Sharon is a staunch advocate of ensuring everyone receives fair and equal treatment. She is an exceptional Training and Development Curriculum Specialist, Mental Health Supervisor, Therapist and Educator.

Angela Parham, LPC under Sharon's supervision

Sharon is in touch with the wisdom of deeper change inside a human being. In a day when employees now demand a workplace culture with high Eq, a business leader has to know the landscape of the human spirit. Sharon has mapped this country for over twenty years as a business owner and as a psychotherapist. I recommend her to any business that wants employees who love their work and their life.

Bryan Maynard, Owner Soldati Center for Well-Being

I know Sharon to be a woman of much integrity and sincerity with a passion to come along side others in their need.

Stephen James, Author, Executive Director of Sage Hill Counseling

During the time the City of Franklin, Tn sheltered the Katrina evacuees, I observed the work that Sharon did with these folk in a time of extreme stress for them. She coordinated the mental health professionals to implement a makeshift "crisis counseling center," fully staffed with volunteer therapists, psychologists and psychiatrist from the community. The evacuees who came to the shelter for services, seemed to leave with a much more positive outlook for the future than when they arrived. I recall the Street Party that was held on the final night of the shelter and how much fun they had and their enthusiasm toward life and much of that I need to attribute to Sharon and those working with her to help the evacuees begin to cope with an almost impossible situation.

Tom Miller, Former Mayor of Franklin

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